As we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day this year I thought I’d shout out to all the Moms that I see in passing (or have often been myself) and never received acknowledgment in their moments of “glory.” Being a Mom is the toughest job in the world, but in every moment of chaos and insanity is the pull on our heart stings that reminds us why we work so hard to be our best for our children. Sometimes it comes from that heart-melting smile, a cherished 30 seconds of silence, or even a glass of wine after bedtime. 🙂 Either way Moms, you rock and deserve a big “we appreciate you” everyday of the year!




Ode to Moms

Ode to the mom at Lake Murray that is shlepping a 50lb Bob stroller to squeeze in her workout for sanity, trying to pretend her 2 toddlers aren’t losing it in there. 😂


Ode to the mom who I silently give that “you got this mama” supportive nod to that’s desperately attempting to get their screaming toddler into the car while holding her other baby in her arms.


Ode to the mom that’s aimlessly wandering around Target in bliss without kids, thinking she’s on vacation. 😂


Ode to the mom that’s pumping on lunch break, sending emails, scarfing down lunch, and praying that she remembered to lock the office door.


Ode to the new Mom that wakes up constantly to make sure her newborn is still breathing, and smiles at their peaceful slumber.


Ode to the helicopter mom that is determined to protect her kid (#1) from everything!


Ode to the Mom who by kid #2 knows that as long as she can account for all bodies in the household, it’s all good and the rest will work itself out.


Ode to the mom whose kindergartener won’t let go of them at drop off and knows to cherish this, but needs to let her baby grow up😢😊.


Ode to the Mom who is now a Grandma and gets to spoil her grandkids, pump them up with sugar, and send them home.


Ode to the Mom who has lost her way in “mommyhood” and needs to know she’s not the only one, and there is help.


Ode to the Mom who is gettin’ it done with baby hanging from the breast, while wiping the bum of her toddler screaming “I’m done!” down the hall. 😂


Ode to the Mom who races to get the kids up, fed, ready and keeps the peace, while attempting to get herself ready to look half decent for work.


Ode to the Mom who is walking out of school drop off, thinking that this morning was surprisingly easy, and realizes that her shirt is on inside out. 😂


Ode to the Mom whose kids are now adults and wants to be “cool” and not call too often and interrupt their busy lives. (Call, bug, they owe you their lives!)


Ode to the Mom who surrenders to being human and asks for help to raise the village.


Ode to the Mom who learns to embrace and love her body so she can set a positive example for her daughter to love hers too.


Ode to the Mom who teaches her son to respect others, especially his sister (since he will soon find a girl to respect and love in that same way).


Ode to the Mom who will always be a partner in crime, to laugh, cry and ignore piles of laundry with.


Ode to the Mom who is keepin’ it real!


We’re all in this together so let’s lift each other up. Raise your glass and cheers all the Moms in your life!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Oct, 2015


Have you ever had a moment where your kids do or say something that drives you crazy and you stop in your tracks because you realize it’s a direct reflection of YOU modeling that behavior? Eek! I have! Even worse, you want to discipline them for the action but feel hypocritical for telling them not to do what YOU always do. While parenting isn’t easy, it’s worth its weight in LOVE.

With this in mind, I can’t help but to focus on an issue that has always been a hot button for me. I honestly despise when amazing women and mothers bash their body and self image in front of their kids. I never want anyone to bash themselves overall, but especially as a “mirror” to bounce that reflection on to their kids. I know this isn’t just a female issue either, but as young girls we face so many changes and pressures with our body and what it is and isn’t looking like that I tend to focus my passion against this negative talk toward mothers and daughters.

Years ago I read a great blog about an woman who put her body image issues aside and danced in the mirror in her underwear with her daughter. She did it to show her that loving your body for what it is was most important, versus focusing on what others had to say about it. Her daughter had come home after having her first experience with a friend calling her “chubby.” I fear the day that my daughter will come to me with a story about some comment that made her feel bad about her body, but sadly I know it’s the reality of kids and our society. All I know is that I’m determined to instill confidence in my daughter so that she loves herself enough to bounce back from that day in the most healthy way. I want my daughter to know that all people are different and our unique qualities make us the beautiful people we are, inside and out. I want her to look in the mirror and see a STRONG, CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL girl in a body that keeps her healthy to enjoy life, play sports, dance, tumble and run free. I want her to have that love for her body and its abilities so that when the negative thoughts pop up (as they will in any human mind at some point) her self-love will outweigh the negative thoughts, avoiding the development of insecurities.

So HOW do I plan to make this happen? I vow to be the positive reflection in the mirror and teach her by setting the best example I can. My actions will speak louder than the words I will share. I am human, and I DO have many insecurities that I have worked on over the years, but I will remember to love my body and its abilities to set the best example for my daughter. I will not poke at my belly in the mirror, self-bash, talk down about my body, it’s shape, size, looks, age or “flaws,” and I will be silly and dance in the mirror with my daughter, in our underwear. 🙂 If I’m focused on being strong, feeling good by exercising and eating things that nourish my body from the inside out, I know that she will feed off of that positivity and copy behaviors as kids do. I’m NOT perfect and there are many areas that I need to work on as far as modeling for my kids go, but this one is way up on the list for me. I will teach self-love for my body, respect for my body, and appreciation of the efforts I make to be a healthy example for my family.

Will you join me in this MOVEment?! Make the mirror your friend, to see YOU and love all of YOU! There’s always a reflection, and little eyes and ears soaking in the way you choose to translate your reflection to the world.

Thanks for reading,

Join the MOVEment!

Back to the blog! It’s been far too long but I’m excited to be blogging, now as co-owner of Move Fitness and Dance!

During this holiday season that not only brings joy and togetherness, but also pain and hardship for many, I’m keeping it light and hope to give you a little to chuckle at for a quick smile. 🙂

Embrace Your Hulk

During a rare hour of alone time I was spontaneously given (thanks birthday party that ended up being a drop-off/pick up thing), I popped into Macy’s to use an old gift card that desperately wanted to be spent. I grabbed a few items, which included a red pair of those “cute” skinny non-jean jeans in cherry red, and headed into the dressing room. Dun dun dun! Now some of you may think a fitness instructor has no worries in a dressing room, but I will prove you wrong! I get to those cherry red non-jeans and shimmy them on stubbornly, then button them up to take a look. The buttoning wasn’t the main problem, but rather the seems all together! OMG! I just started busting up laughing at myself in the mirror. I was either trying to be Shawn Johnson (the amazing, buff gymnast) or the HULK had busted out in wannabe red skinny jeans.

For a second I did have that depressing dressing room reject feeling that we all get, but then I realized the pants were not made for a STRONG person with muscular legs. I love my muscles! I’m embracing my strength and no red pants will make me feel like I need to be thinner and less muscular to wear them. After a good laugh I broke a sweat peeling them off and tossed them to the skinny curb! 🙂

Now I’m not here to bore you with my funny red Hulk pants. Instead, I’m here to remind you to embrace your strength, physically and mentally, and love the strong body you’re working toward. As my 3 year old would say “Hulk Smash” those negative thoughts, societal icons, and every dressing room reject that you’ve cringed at. Love yourself, work toward a stronger you, and rock those “real” sized skinny jeans that are made to house your strong legs and buns! They DO exist.

Keep on MOVEin’!