San Diego Fitness & Dance

Move Fitness and Dance is a boutique group fitness studio where you can MOVE to improve your health, get fit and most importantly feed your soul in a positive environment. Our clients are like-minded MOVERS that enjoy working out and nourishing their bodies without the distractions and intimidation of a large, corporate gym. The MOVE instructors are friendly, motivating and truly care about the well being of their students! Some folks out there consider their workout to be an item to check off their daily list, rather than an escape to feel alive for an hour of your day. At MOVE we help you check your baggage at the door and encourage you to push harder, go further and take care of just you during each class. All you have to do is get yourself to MOVE and we’ll take you the rest of the way. When you leave class to conquer the rest of your day you’ll be standing taller, carrying less stress, fewer calories and feeling great!